AerInno's innovation services guide modern medical device, biotechnology, and wellness projects worldwide.  Whether originating with a small tactical team or a major health system, AerInno is here to help valuable new concepts reach our communities.  

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Corporate Development

Congratulations!  You’ve achieved proof of concept and its time to take it to the next level. Maybe you’d like to invite investors or partners  to join you in bringing a game-changing solution to market. But will your concept get a fair shake? The attention it deserves?

Enter the fractional Director of Corporate Development who can prepare you for debut and facilitate those conversations.

Perhaps you need a Pitch Deck or Pro Forma. You may not need help full time, but you do need someone experienced to provide guidance until full time management is warranted.

We help you organize early commercialization activities and corporate structuring to support smooth transactions with investors or corporate partners.

Business Strategy

New product innovation is driven by visionaries like you, who
paint the picture of success in their mind’s eye.
Sometimes that picture is a little fuzzy.   

Bring it into focus with a Business Assessment, one of our signature offerings.  This analyst report explores the features and positioning that will most likely lead to successful market adoption.   

Let’s reveal the value proposition that will serve as the basis for your business plan,  proof of concept studies, and someday, sales. 

Clients use this to align patent, regulatory, and market access strategies – and of course prototyping!  

Innovation Leadership

Does your health system want to support innovation by clinicians and staff?  Not sure where to start?

We’re here to help with a track record of success in program launch and management for large diversified systems.

Our experienced team are well versed in creating a positive, productive experience for all stakeholders.  Unique cross-training enables us to integrate end user-driven innovation with classical R&D to meet the unique needs of clinical innovation programs.  

Contact us today for your complimentary initial consultation.  


The human experience is every bit as important as technical performance, when it comes
to health innovation.

We hope that our concepts touch lives, changing them for the better.  To realize this, it is essential to be ever mindful of the interplay among emotions, thoughts, and physical experience – to care for the whole person, as a steward of wellbeing.

Our extended experience and training in wellness, education, and care enlighten all our projects.  


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